Macbeth Lightness And Darkness Analysis

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On the night that Duncan is supposedly going to get murdered, there is some dramatic irony of lightness and darkness demonstrated in the play. After Macbeth leaves Duncan’s castle, he wants the stars to hide their fires, in other words for there to be no stars or moon at night when he kills Duncan. Well his wish was granted, but Banquo is a little suspicious as he tell his son Fleance: “There's husbandry in heaven; / Their candles are all out" (2. 1. 6-7). It is pitch black outside, and darkness symbolizes fear. Then Banquo claims: “Merciful powers/ Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature/ Gives way to in repose” (2. 1. 11-13). It seems like Banquo is very tired but cannot sleep because he is afraid of something but nobody knows what. Banquo explains to Macbeth that he had a dream about the three weird witches. Could the suspicion be growing for Banquo, very dark night, not a star in sight, could Macbeth be planning a murder? Darkness is emphasized in his part of the novel because the darker side of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is shown as there is evil side shows that they will do anything to unrightfully make Macbeth become the new King of Scotland even that includes murder to anybody that gets in their way. The imagery of blood plays a hefty role in the tragic play Macbeth, as it …show more content…

In William Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, imagery is found throughout as it is demonstrated in clothing, blood/murder, and finally lightness and darkness. It reveals different things about characters in play such as suspicion of Banquo and Macduff of Macbeth on how he became the King of Scotland, to Macbeth’s fear of losing the crown which revealed his evil side to commit murder to try and protect what he has wanted all of his life. Macbeth’s choices put his life in jeopardy. In life, there are little things people look over that may just open their eyes and see the world from a new

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