Macbeth Comparison Essay

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In understanding the art form of expression in various ways like music and play writes, it brings together this sense of self identity that the artist wants to fulfill. Having this understanding about the life behind the scene, screen, and/or stage. My paper will present two art forms music by 50 cent “Many Men” and William Shakespeare play “Macbeth” in which I will describe similarities among the characters. My four categories for 50 cent and Macbeth are as follow Greed, Savage, Survivor and Success.
Two Characters: 50 cent and Macbeth 50 cent is a rap/hip hop artist from New York City who live the fast life in which comes with drugs, gangs, murders, and other form of illegal behavior. He tries to reach his goals and pull himself out of the inner city turmoil that at one point could have caused him his life. The struggle of living in the ghetto and placing that experience in his lyrics made him the man of success he is today. Macbeth is fictional character that is created from William Shakespeare whom wrote plays in order to express daily strive of life. Macbeth is characterized as …show more content…

50 cent and Macbeth are the pure definition of survivors. In my personal opinion 50 cent depicted more of a survivor than Macbeth but who keeping track. 50 cent “Death gotta be easy cause life is hard it’ll leave you physically, mentally, and emotional scarred” (CITE THIS). Even after getting gun down as stated in his lyrics he was able to continue on with life. He goes to say a lot of individuals want him dead but being the survivor that he is will then give him the strength he need to continue building on life. Macbeth “Better be with the dead whom we to gain our peace have sent to peace” (CITE THIS). In the guilt of action will only find peace in the afterlife. Macbeth is trying to survive the guilt from Ducans death but he cannot get over it so it follows him in his

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