MINUSTAH: Stabalizing Haiti

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For years, Haiti has been a country in turmoil. This is due to the country’s extreme levels of poverty and corrupt, unstable government. For nearly 30 years, the country was ruled by a family of dictators, the Duvaliers, who ruled with force and terror. François Duvalier, like most dictators, revised the constitution to solidify his power and replaced the army with a more powerful militia known as the Tonton Macoutes, which is creole for boogeymen. The Tonton Macoutes were responsible for many human rights violations, like murdering innocent men, women, and children. However, many Haitians rejoiced in 1991 when the country elected its first democratic president, Jean- Bertrand Aristide. This election signaled a new, promising era for the citizens of Haiti. He attempted to rebuild Haiti by back taxing the country’s elite and punishing the former generals who were responsible for crimes against citizens of Haiti. Aristide also disbanded the Haitian military to rid the country of the corrupt thugs and restore justice. This is believed to be the roots of the 2004 conflict. Many of the former militia members fled to the neighboring Dominican Republic to avoid punishment, where they organized attacks. Rebel groups were responsible for fighting and attacking government institutions throughout the ‘90s and early 2000’s. But, in 2002, the government finally began arresting and convicting former militia members. One key leader, Jean Pierre Baptiste was convicted of "voluntary, premeditated homicide". But, he was freed from prison, along with 160 other inmates, by a heavily armed gang known as the Cannibal Army. The Cannibal Army later became known as the Gonaïves Resistance Front. After mounting international pressu... ... middle of paper ... ... This is why rebels in the years before the conflict were able to avoid capture. Works Cited "Disarm or Die." Haiti Democracy Project. Haiti Democracy Project, 10 08 2010. Web. 1 Apr 2012. . "Haiti: Information on the Armed Revolt." UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency. United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, 30 03 2012. Web. 30 March 2012. . "MINUSTAH: United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti." United nations. United Nations, n.d. Web. 30 March 2012. Muggah, Robert. "Great expectations: (dis)integrated DDR in Sudan and Haiti." Humanitarian Exchange Magazine. 03 2007: n. page. Print. .

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