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(3) The target audience for our solution would be insurance companies, governments of hurricane-prone countries, and scientific organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Insurance companies require a solution to major catastrophes similar to hurricanes, because when a hurricane rips through a city they often spend countless dollars on repairs for homeowners. For example, in 1992, Hurricane Andrew swept through South Florida leaving insurance companies with fifteen billion dollars in losses (MacDonald). Proving to the major insurance companies that our solution could prevent and impede the damage from hurricanes could garner funding and support for our solution. It would be more cost effective for insurance companies to raise funding to improve solutions instead of charging more for insurance. For example, in the 2007 hurricane season with seventeen total hurricanes, Florida homeowner insurance rose an average 10.7% and Louisiana an average of 11.4% (Housing Predictor). This means that as homeowners had to pay more for insurance due to the recent weather, so did multiple insurance companies such as Allstate and Unum, two of the worst insurance companies in America (American Association for Justice). Not to mention, according to Mike Barry of the Insurance Information Institute, “As more people have moved to the coasts, it's become too expensive for the insurance companies to assume the cost of the hurricane damage” which is evident in Hurricane Katrina costing insurance companies a total of forty-two billion dollars (Lloyd). A system of levees like the one we are proposing is a large public works project, and as stated we would need approval and possibly monetary support from the governments ...

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...ions of others. Not to mention, the construction of levees would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs for the unemployed, promoting the economy. Concrete produced from local the Northeast Ohio companies would be a substantial aid in creating the levees. The construction of levees will prevent major damage to cities from hurricanes, in addition to creating jobs and promoting the economy. Cleveland is also prosperous in steel production, with many companies specializing in steel and three companies that produce alloy steel rods: Alcon Industries Inc, the Ohio Steel Council and Charter Steel (Alcon Industries Inc, Ohio Steel Council and Charter Steel). With this increase in support from governments, organizations, and local companies, our new levee system has the ability to move forward as an cost-effective, economically friendly solution to hurricane flood damage.

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