Lucky Chance

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Both D. H. Lawrence and Graham Greene are very exceptional writers of the twentieth century. However, only one text stood out the best for me. In D. H. Lawrence’s text The Rocking-Horse Winner, there is a structure to the story. There is most definitely a big separation between upper-class and lower-class people. Throughout the text there are great examples of how one might try to fit in with the upper-class, literally trying everything they can, even if it could possible hurt them in the end. This story, The Rocking-Horse Winner by Lawrence had more of a surprise to me then A Shocking Accident by Greene. The reason for this is because not only could I relate to this story, but in a way I feel as if I could be Paul; however, the reason why I choice this story that surprised me was the very ending with the mothers son there dead, where he tried to ride his rocking-horse to find a winner. Throughout The Rocking-Horse Winner, there is a mention of luck. Luck among a person could be both good and bad. Whether you were born with it or not, it should never bring you down. In the text The Rocking-Horse Winner by Lawrence, the mother states, “it’s because your father has no luck.” (Prentice Hall Literature [page 148]). Unfortunately in my situation, I beg an intriguing observation among someone having no luck. Luck is simply not something you are born with, but it should be looked at as if something you must earn. If related to respect, luck can simply be many things among human values; however, no one is gifted with this whether you are lucky or unlucky. With that said, this was something that pondered my thoughts, but as I continued to read there was more and more that just didn’t quite seem right. Second, in the text The Rocking-Horse ... ... middle of paper ... environment where neither parents could really support their children is completely wrong. In my beliefs, start from the bottom and reach your way to the top. Even though the lower-class is not all the great, but in the end you begin to see eye to eye. In the text The Rocking-Horse Winner by Lawrence, there is a lot of meaning too this thing called luck; however, as stated before, luck is not simply something you are born with. In fact it’s the complete opposite. If only this was something that could be fixed in the story, but probably not, there could be so many things that could be seen. Almost as if abuse could be involved, which is why this story was not only a text that questioned parenting and what the children’s perspective of them were, but this started a whole new line of questions on parenting in general. Works Cited Prentice Hall Literature Volume 2

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