Lower the Drinking Age

When people turn eighteen they are finally considered an adult. They can join the army, vote, buy cigarettes or tobacco products, get a tattoo and even die for our country. Although everyone considers that person to be an adult, they are still not old enough to buy or consume alcohol. A person can be responsible enough to live on their own, make their own money, pay their own bills, and yet they are still not considered old enough to purchase or consume any type of alcohol. Lowering the drinking age to 18 would help prevent the crime and personal injuries that are caused by alcohol abuse. Although many states are trying to get the drinking age lowered, there are many groups and national statistics that are keeping the drinking set at 21. For example, “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says laws setting the drinking age at 21 have cut traffic fatalities involving drivers by 13 percent” (Keen). They are hoping that by keeping the age set at 21, people are mature enough at this point to make smart decisions and not drink and drive. Most of the time drinking injuries and fatalities are cause by drinking and driving, so these groups do not want the age lowered at all. Also, States that are considering lowering the drinking age face opposition from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) as they say, “Congress voted in 1984 to penalize states that set the drinking age below 21 with forfeiture of 10 percent on their federal highway funds” (Keen). Most states are not willing to give up the federal money in order to pass state laws that would lower their drinking age. Groups such as MADD try to make sure that states are aware of these restrictions so they will change their minds before passing a lower drinking age law. Sta... ... middle of paper ... ...onsible adults they will act maturely, therefore they will not abuse their privilege. Works Cited Ails, Mark. “Lowering drinking age to 18 would benefit young adults.” Collegian Online. 30 Sep. 2009 lowering_drinking_age_to_18_wo.aspx> “College Presidents Seek Lower Drinking Age.” Fox News. 30 Sep. 2009 Johnson, Alex. “Debate on lowering drinking age bubbling up.” MSNBC. 30 Sep. 2009 Keen, Judy. “States weigh lowering drinking age.” USA TODAY. 30 Sep. 2009 McCardell, John M. Jr., “Commentary: Drinking age of 21 doesn’t work.” CNN. 30 Sep. 2009
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