Christianity And Islam

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Love and Relationships In Islam and Christianity


In this report, I will be comparing and contrasting the differences in the views of marriage, chastity, relationships and more between two religions of my choice - Islam and Christianity. I chosen Islam as one of my religions as I am a Muslim and believe that I can make this report more interesting by including first hand views on these topics along as other information. I chose Christianity, because out of Christianity and Hinduism, it is the religion which I am more aware of and know most about. Enjoy!


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The groom waits at the altar while the bride is taken up the altar by her father or a father-like figure. Once the groom and bride are both at the altar, they, as well as the congregation, stand before the vicar. The vicar will then give an introduction to the marriage. The congregation sit down and readings may / are read. The vicar will then give a speech about the significance of marriage in the eyes of God. Then, the vicar will ask the congregation - "But first I am required to ask anyone present if there is a reason why these persons may not lawfully marry, do declare it now, or forever hold your peace." If no one objects to the marriage, the vows are then read. During the vows, the bridegroom and the bride place rings on each others finger. After the vows the vicar pronounces the couple husband and wife, and says that they are married in the eyes of the church. The bride and groom then kiss. The vicar leads the congregation in saying the Lord's Prayer. The service ends with a celebratory hymn, after which the bride and bridegroom proceed down the alter together as husband and wife, where they sign the …show more content…

Ÿ The Honeymoon - This is not actually part of the wedding ceremony but it traditionally occurs after it. The newlyweds are taken on a holiday where they can be alone together and reflect on the wedding and the future, among other things.

Muslim Marriage Traditions

A marriage in Islam involves a simple marriage contract which is just the giving of a gift to a wife and the signing of a contract with repeating of Quran'ic verses before an Imam. But traditionally, other customs and traditions, which are not compulsory, are performed.

The gift that the groom gives to the wife has to be of value, whether money-wise or of sentimental value. These gifts include such things as jewellery, money, or even as Christian tradition, a ring. This giving of a gift symbolizes the love and security the groom will offer to the bride after the wedding.


The second part of the marriage ceremony involves the consent of both parties in the vows which are taken from the Q'uran, which absolve the spiritual and physical aspects of marriage in Islam. All points of

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