Love In Annabel Lee

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer who is best known for his short stories that were mostly mysterious and odd. He was born in Boston on January 19, 1809 and everything was history after that. His tales have been in print since the start of 1827 and are still popular to this day. After enlisting to the United States Army at the age of eighteen, a couple years later he learned that his precious mother was dying the terrible disease known as tuberculosis and wanted to see him one last time before she passed. Unfortunately, she had already been buried by the time he got to her. Edgar Allan Poe used the influences of the major people in his life to shape most of his dark and mysterious work that he published. One of his many famous works, …show more content…

The poem opened up with a fairy tale line and right off the bat you had the idea that it was going to be about the narrator sharing his love. Not to mention, it was a poem of rhyming to help make the reader feel a type of way. This poem was written after the death of his beloved wife, Virginia Clemm (the woman who married him at the age of thirteen) so it is most likely based off of her and the love that he had for her. Love is the main theme in the poem and the love that Annabel Lee and the narrator shared starting in their childhood. In the poem, Poe demonstrates that even after Annabel’s death that their love was too strong to be destroyed by the angels or demons. Just about everything that he sees reminds him of Annabel, the stars, moon and he lies by her tomb at night by the sea. Loving her wasn’t complicated at all for him, even when he was known to struggle with relationships throughout his whole life. Even though she is dead, he makes us believe that he can still see her bright eyes and that they will soon meet again in the future. The one line that caught my eye the most about their love is this, “But our love it was stronger by far than the love of those who were older than we—“ (Poe). Their love was said to be so strong that even the older and wiser people couldn’t understand the strength of their love. The main purpose of this poem was to show all of the outsiders that there was nothing that could ever come in-between their love, no matter if she was dead or alive. Their souls will forever be united until the day that they will meet

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