Lost In The Barrens Summary

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The title of my book is Lost in the Barrens. It is a fiction book by Farley Mowat that contains 244 pages. The characters are Awasin Meewasin, Jamie MacNair, Angus MacNair, Alphonse Meewasin, Denikazi, Peetyuk Anderson. Awasin is a young native boy that got taken to the residential school, Jamie is a Canadian boy that went to a private school after his parents died, Angus is Jamies unknown uncle, Alphonse is Awasins dad, Denikazi, He is the leader of the Northern Cree tribe. Peetyuk is a a young Eskimo boy.

This book is a tale of two young boys Jamie and Awasin that have a remarkable adventure throughout the arctic plains. The boys face almost impossible challenges to conquer. When the supplies run low the boys will have to use all of their might to overcome the obstacles. They have to battle the elements in this thriller of a novel. This book excites the reader to want to keep on reading. …show more content…

Jamie gets taken out of the school because his uncle Angus couldn’t afford it once the fur prices went down. So he went to go live with his uncle Angus in a forest somewhere in Northern Manitoba. Near this forest there is a river that takes you all the way down to Nunavut. After Uncle Angus and Alphonse Meewasin leave to go sell the furs. The Chipewyans come down saying that they did not get enough food for the winter. So the boys go with them. They get lost and have to survive in the arctic plains. They plains are covered in snow as far as the eye can see. There is a ravine with a river near their hut. The river goes to the arctic from the hut that uncle Angus lives

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