Lord of the Flies

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The book I am doing my report on is Lord of the flies, by William Golding and published by Perigee. This book shows the clash between the human drive towards brutality and the opposite, civilization. All around the novel, the clash is performed by the problem between Ralph and Jack, who individually speak to civilization and viciousness. The varying belief systems are communicated by every kid's different state of mind towards power. I feel that Lord of the Flies is a good book because it reveals to you that every man has the ability to be vicious, that evil is just controlled by the guidelines of society, and that once there are no rules the evil comes free and individuals get to be savages and can turn on their best friends.
Golding's stress on the negative results of brutality might be perused as a reasonable support of civilization. In the early parts of the novel, he proposes that one of the paramount capacities of socialized public opinion is to give an outlet to the savage driving forces that dwell inside every person. Jack's starting longing to slaughter pigs to show his fort...
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