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“Prodigy” is an exciting post apocalyptic science fiction novel written by Marie Lu. It is told by the two protagonists, Day and June. They attempt to discover the truth about the rebels they are working with, and The Republic. The Republic is their main form of government who killed both of Day and June’s families. They find that the leader of the patriots, and the antagonist of “Prodigy” is planning to become the Elector; the main leader of The Republic. Day and June travel throughout the plague swept Vegas, and the flooded west coast seeking safety from the wars. Marie Lu has written a wonderful 347 page novel filled with courageous characters, who must face many dangerous obstacles. The reader will be astonished by the resolution of the book, and will be left with a powerful theme. The two protagonists and narrators of “Prodigy”, June and Day have very admirable characters. June is a fifteen-year-old girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. She is very talented with weapons because she once was a soldier. June once was very wealthy until she rescued Day, and became an outla...

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