Lines By Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

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poem analysis The poem "Lines" written by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, published in the mid 19th century deals with the topic, how slavery has brought hate and destruction in the world. Interestingly enough, the poem was published in the time of slavery, so Harper kind of reflected back, how slavery has managed its way into the world. The author's aim is to illustrate lively, how hateful and destructive slavery is. Her goal is to stop slavery. First of alll, the poem is divided into nine stanzas, where each one has four lines. In addition to that, one can spot a few enjambements for instance (l.9-10). This stylistic device has the function to support the flow of the poem. Furthermore, it is crucial to take a look at the choice of words, when analysing the language. Due to the fact that the words being used are rather aggressive, violent, fearful and offensive, the author illustrates the cruel character of slavery and is creating a fearful atmosphere. Added to that, nowadays the words used can be seen as quite archaic. It goes without saying that the poem is written in the past tense, because the author tries to create a background story, why slavery exists and so she reports something from the past. …show more content…

One can take the word "character" quite literally, because in this poem there are three personifications, which leads me to the stylistic devices. Firstly, the hateful slavery is personficated as someone pledging the future to give her a chance to spread hate and to strike terror into people's hearts. Secondly, the future is oppossed to slavery personficated as someone very weak who cannot defend himself against the slavery and has to give in. Thirdly, the crisis stands next to the future and is asked what kind of crisis is now

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