Life Within the Classroom Presented by Three Poems

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Life Within the Classroom Presented by Three Poems

In these three poems about school, a lot of tension is created between

the staff and the students. Firstly in "Schoolroom on a wet Afternoon"

by Scannell, school is not presented as relevant to life when in the

first line it says that "the unrelated paragraphs on morning, are

forgotten now" suggesting that the teacher seems obsessed with school

and the student seems isolated. When all the students have "bowed

heads" it denotes that this ambiguous image shows that the students

are either working or disinterested showing tension. The poet says

that "each child is disciplined; absorbed and still at his small desk"

implying that they are either being forced or self-controlling and

they are engaged or part of the group. The excitement of the teacher

is undermined when "the complexities of simple interest lurk in

inkwells" hinting that as "lurk" is hidden and gloomy it hints to the

threat at the end of the poem. The way the lesson is expressed by the

teacher is implied when it mentions "the brittle sticks of chalk"

illuminating that as "chalk" is symbol of how ideas are shared but the

fact that the chalk is brittle, it is hard but fragile. In addition

"The Play Way" creates tension, particularly when the teacher

dehumanises a student, when it says "one said "can we jive""

encouraging the students rebellion because as "jive" represents

physical freedom which is not expressed when listening to classical

music. The staff isolates the student by saying, "one said" but the

student views themselves as a group by asking, "Can we jive."

Similarly there is a lot of tension created in "A snowy day in...

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...says that "its private

spell behind eyes that stare wide," indicating the importance to the

individual and that the experience is a personal one. In addition in

"Schoolroom on a wet Afternoon" the hidden life of the classroom is

presented as violent, especially when it mentions a "vicious rope,

glaring blade, the gun cocked to kill" suggesting that the violence

and threat of the child is expressed, also by using plosive sounds

makes it seem more violent. When it mentions "the severed heads of

kings rot by the misty Thames" it signifies that by using an opening

list of history it links to the public executions, civil war all

surrounding the young lives. Similarly in "A snowy day in school" it

creates a hidden life of the classroom, particularly when it mentions

the "irregular hum of the class" indicating an ideal image.

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