Life In A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens, a well known writer, was born in Portsmouth, England, in the year 1812. Dickens lived in various places as he was growing up, which included Chatham and London. As a teen, Charles dropped out of school and soon became an actor (“Charles Dickens” Britannica). He had a rough life as a child. Because Charles’s dad had trouble feeding his large family, he was forced to be locked up. As a young adult, Dickens was headed towards his successful career by helping with the London Newspaper (Dickens 994). All of his novels were written for his audience’s happiness and to please them (995). Dickens passed away in 1870 (994). As A Christmas Carol starts, Scrooge is the cruel old man who is too cheap to do anything has needed to be done or care about anyone in need around him. Fred is a relative to Scrooge and tries to encourage his uncle during Christmas to get into spirit, which is almost impossible for him to do so (“A Christmas Carol” 66). On Christmas eve Scrooge was visited by three ghosts, the ghost of the past, present, and future. They are here to warn him that he must change(“A Christmas Carol” 67). He soon realizes how selfish he is and wants a second chance. He decides to change for the better and start being in Christmas spirit along with everyone…show more content…
Marley’s ghost makes Scrooge think to himself that he needs to make major changes in his life, or he will end up like him (“A Christmas Carol” 70). One ghost takes Scrooge to Bob Cratchit’s window, to see his happy family having dinner. He understands that you do not have to have money to be merry. After Scrooge has seen all that has changed and all that could happen in his future, he decides to make a big adjust to his life and become more involved with his coworkers, friends and family (“A Christmas Carol”
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