Letter in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Letter in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dear James, It has been too long since we last communicated. I trust things are better with you and yours than they are with me. I have some distressing news. It is with great dismay that I tell you that our dear friends Henry Jekyll and Lanyon have died, or have been killed should I say. There is no easy way of telling you this but I desperately need someone to talk to as it has been suppressed for too long now. It is time things should be brought to the attention of whoever it may concern. I am telling you this because Jekyll kept too much secret; this eventually drove him to 'kill' himself. I dread to think what will happen to me if I keep this dark, evil event to myself like my once dear friend did. Maybe I should start from the beginning. I have been Dr. Jekyll's lawyer and friend for many years now. It was long before I was concerned about his relationship with a mysterious Mr. Hyde to whom Jekyll left a quarter of a million pounds in a Will which he placed in my own guardianship. Despite my serious uncertainties I, decided to agree to this arrangement that I would administer the Will whatever the circumstances. After all, I didn't think there was anything Jekyll wouldn't have done for me if I asked him. However, it was not long before Jekyll's manner towards our companionship changed. It soon seemed he had more important things on his mind which only amplified my suspicion. Our once fellow scientist, Lanyon, shared my suspicion towards Dr. Jekyll and this strange character Mr. Hyde. He was as inquisitive as I was regarding the situation. Lanyon told me he has long... ... middle of paper ... ...t respected people have something to hide. This is as Hyde was a representative figure. He symbolises corruption, the lure of evil - the devil that lurks within every man. This only amplifies how evil, once nurtured, can grow and become a dominant trait in human nature. It was such a tragedy that our dearly loved friend Dr. Henry Jekyll had to die. It was simply a brilliant mind killed by curiosity. Dr. Jekyll soon didn't know who he was. His original self had been altered. He ultimately lost his moral and psychological side and consequently, he committed suicide, all through the process of ambition. I express regret for telling you such tragic news but I desperately needed to talk to someone as my close ones around me have been taken from me. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Your true friend,
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