Leroy Reed Verdict

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I personally favor the verdict to acquit Leroy Reed because I believe that even though he broke the law, he should not be charged with the crime of possessing a gun. The most convincing evidence was the expert witness who stated that Reed had a 2nd grade level of intelligence. When Leroy Reed was testifying, he was asked if he was a convicted, and he answered no. He was then prompted to answer yes to seeing a parole officer. Reed was then asked again if he was a convicted felon and he said yes. Reed gave conflicting answers on being a convicted felon during his testimony, which shows his mental capabilities. EXPAND. Another piece of convincing evidence was after Reed showed the sheriff the sales receipt of the gun as a form of identification, Reed voluntarily turned the gun in. Reed knew he had the gun, but he willing turned it in. I believe Reed should not be convicted for willing turning in his gun when requested by the sheriff. The last piece of convincing evidence was that Reed was not carrying the gun on him. Reed was looking to become a private investigator, which led him to p...

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