Legalizing Homosexual Marriage

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Homosexuality in America
One of the most controversial topics in modern American society is the legalization of homosexual marriage. The gay community is currently experiencing emotional and physical violence against them based on a difference in cultural choices, similar to what the black community suffered through during the civil rights movement and what women underwent during the women’s suffrage era. Laws against gay marriage are unconstitutional, as most were created because of Christian politicians’ opinions on homosexuality; however, America is not a Christian nation, and homosexuals should not be banned from marriage based on the beliefs of certain religions. As a country founded on freedom of cultural expression, America should legalize gay marriage.
Homosexuality has several standard arguments against it, and all can be shown to be unjustifiable or invalid. The first of these arguments is that homosexuality is unnatural. The reality is that homosexuality is more natural than marriage itself. Marriage is a societal institution that was created by humanity as a way to bond two humans together in love, thus making it an unnatural concept (Lipp). Homosexuality has been an existing practice in society for ages, with homosexual ideas being mentioned by people such as Plato in the Symposium and Aristophanes in some of his plays (Pickett). Homosexuality exists as naturally as heterosexuality does, it was just not as conveyed as openly in former eras as it is today; marriage itself is the truly unnatural idea.
Another reason why homosexuality is unaccepted is that most religions are against it, arguing that marriage is a “religious institution.” Marriage, however, is not a religious institution. As defined by the Merriam-We...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that homosexuals should not be banned from marriage based on the beliefs of certain religions.
  • Explains that homosexuality has several standard arguments against it, and all can be shown to be unjustifiable or invalid.
  • Explains that homosexuality is unaccepted because most religions are against it, arguing that marriage is a "religious institution."
  • Argues that marriage exists specifically for procreation, or the production of offspring. marriage was created simply as a way to unite two humans.
  • Explains that homosexuality was formerly thought of as a mental illness throughout american society, which is another reason why people are against gay marriage. freud believed that all people were bisexual and became heterosexual based on life experiences.
  • Opines that homosexuality is a variation of sexual function produced by arresting sexual development, and that it is an injustice to persecute it.
  • Explains that evelyn hooker proved that homosexuality was not a mental disorder by showing that there was an distinct psychological difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals. modern psychoanalysts do not support freud’s analysis that people are bisexual naturally, but still support
  • Explains that the heritage foundation believes that having a mother and father is necessary, citing lance armstrong, jay-z, tom cruise, shaquille o’neal and president barack obama.
  • Opines that if children in a home with single parents can still grow up to be great individuals, children raised with two same-sex parents could be even better off. nicole and her wife tina love and care for their children better than their father did.
  • Opines that legalizing gay marriage would bring 142 million dollars to the city's economy and 184 million dollar to state.
  • Argues that gay marriage should be legalized because it encourages a love-based standard of living, as opposed to high-risk sexual lifestyles.
  • Explains that if homosexual marriage is legalized, psychological disorders would decrease. after states banned gay marriage, homosexuals and bisexuals had a thirty-seven percent increase in mood disorders, alcoholism, and anxiety disorders.
  • Argues that gay marriage should be legalized throughout the country, as the current laws against it are unconstitutional and support oppression against the right to marry.
  • Cites the american psychological association’s “sexual orientation and homosexuality.” apa, 2008.
  • Analyzes lipp, murray's "top 10 arguments against gay marriage: all receive failing grades." huffpost gay voices, 28 may 2013.
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