Legality Of The Dirale Dilemma In Antigone By Sophocles

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Antigone Dilemma The play Antigone, written by Sophocles in 442 B.C.E, follows the protagonist Antigone as she defies her king’s rules to bury her dead brother. Antigone’s two brothers had struggled over who should rule the kingdom and sit on the throne. The two could not agree with one another on who should rule the kingdom. This feud leads to the two brothers attacking one another with their armies and killing one another. Because one of the brothers went to a neighboring city and recruited foreign soldiers to attack the kingdom he was labeled a traitor. Since the two brothers had died the crown fell to their uncle Creon. Once made King the uncle named one of his nephews a traitor and decided that he would not be allowed a proper burial.…show more content…
She was caught burying her brother and the King sentenced her and her sister to death. This action is what had started the main dilemma in the play. The dilemma is a question of morality versus legality between Antigone and Creon’s viewpoints. Antigone believed that her brother deserved a proper burial and must do whatever she can to make this happen. Although she directly defied the King’s rules she did what she had to anyway, despite the consequences that she knew would follow. The king on the other hand, believed he must be strict and stick to his rules. In order to gain the citizen’s respect and obedience he believes that he must punish his niece for defying him. Antigone believed in the importance of moral responsibilities while Creon believed in the significance of authority. The two truly believed that they each were correct in their thinking. Neither side wanted to even consider the other. This dilemma between the two varying ideas of what is right and what is wrong causes a grey area between right and wrong. How can one decide who is more “right” if they both believe that they are doing the correct thing? This can be a very difficult concept to decide on who has the “right” idea on what…show more content…
Antigone just wanted her brother to be respected and to receive a good afterlife. She believed that her moral responsibilities outweigh the consequences that may arise from her actions. King Creon saw things differently than Antigone. He believed that he should be very strict towards people he views as traitors that defy his rules. He believed that in order to be a good ruler he must enforce rules and make just punishments to keep his subjects respecting him. Creon thought that having strong authority and leadership were more important than showing understanding and compassion. These two ideas clash and both characters have difficulties seeing one another’s perspectives. I believe that in order to solve this dilemma involving these diverse ideas that King Creon should have listened to other viewpoints than just his own. Antigone had told him that she believed that what she did was morally correct in her eyes. The two should have respected one another’s viewpoints and come to an agreement on a punishment that would have been more fair. Creon should have also listened to his son’s judgement instead of just his own. His son wanted Antigone to be respected and treated more fairly. King Creon was so blinded by his power and his own ideas that he had forgotten how to listen to others and value outside opinions. If he would have listened to other ideas this whole tragedy
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