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In the middle of a Las Vegas casino a secret garden waits to be explored. Over fifteen thousand people each day visit the Bellagio Conservatory inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino; whether it is the first visit or one of many there is always something new to discover. The entrance is a tunnel through two twenty gallon aquariums filled with Clown Fish, Yellow Tang, Fiji Devil, and Heninochus. You may recognize some of them from Finding Nemo! The floors and ceiling through the tank are LED images of fish, showcasing lights that Vegas is famous for.
Each season the garden is transformed into a beautifully unique display. A breathtaking fusion of nature and human imagination has transformed the Summer of 2016 exhibit into an underwater journey. …show more content…

If there could be a more perfect place to spend some down time on vacation in Las Vegas it must be amazing!
An incredibly realistic sea turtle looks out at the garden. His shell is adorned with golden Mums and scarlet colored carnations. A giant clam opens up revealing a pearl the size of a bowling ball. The kids seemed to flock to the seal who wears over two thousand red Pom Flowers. Janet who was visiting with her four granddaughters calls him King Richard the Radiant saying it reminds her of the Renaissance costumes.
King Richard used to balance a ball on his nose, but none of the exhibits are ever the same. Each season adds some new display items and others go away. The sand castle and treasure chest have been removed as well from the underwater theme. You can still find a set of scuba divers swimming in the foliage. One is investigating the thirty-five-foot ship that has found its resting place in the flower bed of Calla Lilies as yellow as the

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