Language And Internet Essay

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The Impact of the Internet on the Development of Language The creation of the Internet resulted in a revolution of languages and communications, as a whole. The revolution had completely changed the way the world was connected, making it smaller and giving a new form of influence & power to the people who know how to use it. The Internet offers a foundation for boundless imagination and creativity as it allowed different societies to be immersed within foreign cultures and practises that would have otherwise been impractical and difficult to achieve by means other than through the World Wide Web. However, change at a colossal scale tends to stir the rise of opposition, which, in a linguistic perspective, has a handful of groups believing that the Internet promotes language deficiency and a threat to national borders through globalization and hegemony. According to David Crystal, language was already changing at a slow pace, prior to the invention of the Internet. The Internet only sped up the process to the point where it became clearly noticeable. After all, language is an open system – change is inevitable. The English language will be focused upon in this writing since English is the language of the Internet in terms of its interiority and exteriority – its programming languages, such as Java, C++, and Python, have their roots in the English language. Using Crystal’s idea of the Internet as its own sub-category in linguistics, The World Wide Web can effectively be analysed through three different perspectives: sociolinguistics, education, and application. The social linguistic approach deals with how society views the impact of Internet development on languages – the Internet has revolutionized communication in many ways; i... ... middle of paper ... ...tain in traditional settings, especially by people who do not share community traits, such as multiracial individuals and marginalized ethnic groups, have been possible through the Internet. Although many believe the Internet is a breeding ground for language shifting and degradation, there has been no direct evidence of such cases – only theories. Without a doubt, the Internet has enriched languages by adding new words and forms of language. Not only have these additions enriched the English language, but also affected cultural identity. The Internet has transformed the way people do things, think, and communicate with one another for the sake of efficiency and speed, thus reshaping and evolving language as a whole. Also, the Internet has enriched languages and allowed minorities to reclaim their linguistic heritage, as discussed through the applied perspective.
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