Lady Macbeth is the True villain

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Lady Macbeth is the True villain

In the Shakespearian play 'Macbeth', it seems to be that every one thinks that Macbeth is the villain. But in actual fact Lady Macbeth is the villain. Lady Macbeth uses her cunning and deceptive skills to over power Macbeth into killing King Duncan. When Lady Macbeth receives the letter telling her about the witches' prophecies, she immediately thinks that she and Macbeth will have to kill King Duncan. She calls Macbeth to kind to kill King Duncan and saying that

"Is to ful o' the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way"

Lady Macbeth- Act 1 scene V.

Lady Macbeth knows that King Duncan must be killed for Macbeth to become king, lady Macbeth fells to feminine to be implicated in this genocide so she goes and asks the gods to fill her with ruthlessness and hate but to still have the contraceptive powers to deceive a modest human being like Macbeth.

"Come, you spirits that tend on moral thoughts, unsex me here,

And fill me, from the crown to the toe, Top-full of direst cruelty.

Make thick my blood."

Lady Macbeth- Act 1 scene V

This passage shows Lady Macbeth asking the gods to fill her with all ruthlessness and hate to commit the killing of King Duncan but to have outer deceptive qualities to perceive other people like Macbeth himself.

Lady Macbeth is getting very confused that Macbeth is refusing to kill King Duncan and she cannot commit the crime her self because evidently King Duncan resembles too much like her father. She fells that Macbeth is not a man and she ridicules and tries to persuade him to kill King Duncan by saying that he is not a man and that the only way to become a man is to kill the king (regicide).

When Macbeth refuse to kill King Duncan he fells that it's the wrong thing to do and he wont be able to live with the guilt and he though to him self "why kill some one that has been good so good to me?" Macbeth is torn to the part where his wife's love is more important to him than committing terrible crime.

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