Lack Of Education And Racism In The United States

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Lack of Education Causes Discrimination and Racism Racism is a trait that some people sadly have today. It was a great deal when the slave trade started in the 1600s(Slavery). Racism is frowned upon today, because in today's society it is expected to accept everyone’s race, religion, and personal choice. Today most of us have the knowledge to understand the people that are different and why they are different. Humans have distinct characteristics from the area on which their ancestors come from around the world. Before today, all races from all around the world judged other races for their different characteristics. The worst racism epidemic known to man is the North Americans trading African slaves. Another horrible discrimination against race was during World War II when the holocaust occurred. Today American families still have a dislike to other races, but they are finding out that these races are just normal humans like themselves. The lack of education is thought to be a major role in racism(Slavery). …show more content…

The North America’s technology was not at it’s stages of tractors and harvesters, and farmers were not paying enough for the white population to go out and harvest the crops. These cash crop farmers did not want to raise the pay to meet the standard for work, so they decide to buy slaves for very cheap from the African king(Slavery). The lack of technology at these times lead these farmers to think of getting very cheap labor, and this brought on the black slaves. The lack of education on the farming technology therefore conducted the slave trade on the black

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that lack of education is a major role in racism, since it is expected to accept everyone's race, religion, and personal choice.
  • Explains that the north american trade slave began in 1619, to help the production of cash crops. the lack of technology led these farmers to think of getting cheap labor, and this led to the black slave trade.
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