Knight's Tale And Chivalric Heroism In 'The Canterbury Tales'

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James Greene Professor Ryan Harper Literature 210 2/26/2017 The Canterbury Tales Throughout the Tales of Canterbury, there are many tales, but two that truly jump out at you. The Knight's Tales and the Miller's tale grasp the audience by using humor in the case off the Millers Tale, and chivalric heroism in the tale of the Knight. Although the two stories are quite different, they have several similarities as well. Both the narrators tell a story based on a love triangle. The Knight tells an epic stories about a love triangle that involves two knights and Emily. The beautiful lady is called Emily and her beauty never goes unmentioned. Knight tells the tale with full of affection between the lovebirds. Miller …show more content…

Their stories involve romance and affectionate. Knight twisted his tales with a lot of romance that could bring everyone in a world of fantasy. Millers also use romance in his tales though in another way. In his tales, he involves romance in an adulterous way. They both apply comedy in their tales. Miller and knight both apply comedy in their takes though knight did not use it extensively as Miller. Miller's uses comedy at large because that is the only way he could overturn his stories that were highly considered as the best by many. Knight tales are told by a prominent person who and are the place to encourage and provide fortune. The tales are based on teaching and avoiding misunderstanding by the listeners unlike Miller's tales that are told by a drunkard. The tale is full of adulterous and is put in to bring down Knight's tales. Miller's tales are mostly to undermine Knight's tales (Subversive mirror). Millers use every opportunity he is given to undermine knight's tales through comic. Millers use a lot of humor to overturn knight before everyone, unlike knight who does not bother to do the same. He will take part of his tales and tarnish it with

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