Knight's Characters In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Over the course of the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain faced situations that influenced his character which can be taken and analyzed for a teenager today. A teenager typically faces the issue of blending in and accepting who they are in high school, and by viewing Gawain’s experiences and changes, we can use it to adapt along with our peers in school. Initially, he is seen as a humble and unpopular knight amongst every other at the round table in Camelot. However this changes after engaging in a violent game with the Green Knight. Gawain gained fame over the course of a year, and as a result it had changed his initial outlook on his loyalty to the chivalric code, as well as his values on life. First, it can be seen that Sir…show more content…
Lady Bertilak enters into his room as he is changing and she attempt to seduce him. Not only does this test his courtly love and respect for woman, but also loyalty to the chivalric code in a whole. He is frightened first, but then approaches her with more confidence. He eventually says that he cannot do much of anything with her, "So good a knight as Gawain as rightly reputed, in whom courtesy is so completely embodied, could not easily have spent so much time with a lady without begging a kiss, to comply with politeness, by some hint or suggestion at the end of a remark" (1296 - 1301). Gawain would be breaking the chivalric code of courtesy, showing his change in loyalty. After their talk, she presents him with a green scarf and says that it embodies powers and could save him. This is where Gawain’s perception on his life is truly changed. He accepts the article of clothing, and wears it. She states that it will protect him, and he wishes to accept that it will change his fate. The scarf of “gay green silk, with gold overwrought” (1833) would give him fortune in his conflict with the Green Knight, but he would not remain loyal and honest to the chivalric code. His new personality of greed was broken as the girdle was hit through with the axe at the last swing. His dishonesty did not allow him to win, and he will eventually wear the girdle as a sign of sin. Due…show more content…
In school we are able to connect these types of issues, and we see that people change and conform to their peers, doing anything in order to raise or maintain their reputation. We can see that Gawain changed his perspective on his life, as well as values, which also affected his loyalty to the chivalric code. This poem as a whole can be used as an example to guide the teenagers of today to show that we all change, and that we make mistakes because of how we care about our reputation throughout our high school lives. But when we reach the end, we will not end up like Gawain and wear a sign of sin, but find our own paths about our true

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