King Lear Character Analysis

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Shannon Ball

1. The title of the work is King Lear.
2. The work was written by William Shakespeare in England between 1604 and1605.
3. William Shakespeare lived in Stratford-upon-Avon.
4. Major(Lear, Cordelia, Edmund, Goneril, and Regan)
• King Lear- The king of Britain who is used to lavishing in all of his power and having people cater to him. He doesn’t like to be.
 Conceded: He enjoys having other people tend to all his needs and having the title of king but leaves the work to others.
 Tormented: As his mental health deteriorates, he is being internally tormented and later discovers that people that he thought that he could trust are out to kill him.
• Cordelia- She is the youngest daughter of King Lear, whom he disowns upon her not being able to put her love for her father into words. The King of France marries her without dowry, but for her virtue.
 Misunderstood: Her father misunderstands her being unable to put her love for him into words and he disowns her.
 Devoted: Even though her father disowns her, she continues to care about him and even brings her army to save him from his torturers.
Edmund- He is Gloucester’s younger son. He is a troublesome character, whose plans in causing distress in the lives of the other characters continually succeed.
 Instigator: He is constantly causing trouble among the other characters and is always out to get someone.
 Abandoned: Gloucester disowns him leaving him without a father.
• Goneril- She is King Lear’s oldest daughter and also the wife of the duke of Albany. She defies Lear’s power, takes military power away from her husband, and brazenly initiates an affair with Edmund.
 Greedy: She over exaggerates in telling her father how much she loves him just so that she...

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...with their previously disowned and abandoned child. An example of symbolism in the play is the storm as it symbolizes King Lear’s inner mayhem and increasing insanity. An example where conflict can be found is in Act 3, Scene 7, where Cornwall gauges out Gloucester’s eyes. A theme that can be found in the play is reconciliation between King Lear and his daughter Cordelia in that she remained devoted to her father even after he banishes her and she even brings him an army to rescue him from his tormentors. An example of mood in the play is set during the storm in creating a scary and intense mood as the winds roar and clouds roll through the sky. A tone of being “conceded” can be found in Act 1, Scene 1, from King Lear as he asks his daughters to flatter him by telling him how much they love him.
8. The title of the work is the name of the main character in the play.
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