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While I found Katheryn Stockett 's novel, turned to screenplay, “The Help ', to be a feel good, dramedy that revisits an ugly part of our history, the movie keeps us engaged through likable characters and flashes of humor. Others; however have over looked the fiction portion and have claimed that there are numerous historical inaccuracies. People expect a movie dealing with such a topic as civil rights, to be violent in order to achieve some sort of realism, but I believe that there was a reason that the visual of violence was left out: So the ugly parts that we already know occurred, didn 't take away from the uplifting, encouraging messages in the story. There wasn 't any inaccuracies with the depiction of history and life as a white or black…show more content…
The help referred to black women who were paid very minimal to help around a household of white families. The help, worked around the house and took care of and raised the children. Ablene, who is a maid, becomes very fond of the little white girl she takes care of and there is a powerful moment in the movie when the child realizes that her mother really isn 't her mother because she doesn 't take care of her or pay any attention to her. She looks to Ablene and says, “You 're my momma, Abby”. From spending so much time together, the help and the children typically gain a trusting, loving relationship, just like Skeeter did with her families maid, Constantine. Many people complained about the fact that the white girl was the one telling the black women 's stories. According to Minerva Bryant who is referenced in Suzanne Jones essay, The Divided Reception of The Help: ...Yes, it may have taken someone from the other race to help “put it out there,” but that was the instrument that opened the eyes of the world regarding the struggles of “colored” maids/help (9).
With how everything was in the '60s, it took a sympathizing, conneced and courageous character like Skeeter to deliver such a message. What isn 't really ever noticed or mentioned is that a white women, risked her and
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Jackson, Mississippi has one of the nations most heinous history of racism towards blacks as noted within the movie. Very early in the movie, Ablene, narrates a series of laws that segregated black and white Americans. These were known as the Jim Crow laws of the south. There were no light punishments for anyone who broke these laws. The Civil Rights movement is just gaining traction in this time period. The assassinations of Medgar Evers, (a civil rights activist that fought for black voting rights and over turning segregation in the south was assassinated in Jackson, Mississippi) and President John F Kennedy both occur in 1963. The character Skeeter represents the beginning of the whole feminist movement: She is educated, has a job and is not interested in the housewife lifestyle. As stated by Valerie Smith in her essay Black Women 's Memories and The Help: The authors of the statement observe that both versions relied on stereotypes of black women domestic workers; they misrepresented the regional dialect and speech patterns of the Mississippi Delta; they failed to acknowledge black women’s vulnerability to sexual harassment and assault; and they paid insufficient attention to the civil rights activism of the period.

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