Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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Kate Chopin's, "The story of An Hour" is about Louise Mallard discovering the death of her husband Brently Mallard. The way the message was to be communicated was to be soft-hearted since Louise had a pre-existing heart condition. We were told right off the bat that she had this heart condition. She was taken by surprise hearing that her husband had passed, she went through the stages of grief quickly to come to a realization that his death meant freedom for her, and her gaining back power that she lost when they had wed. But, Louise Mallard's death was not what everyone thought it seemed to be. There were some major questions brought to attention after her death.
Throughout "The story of An Hour" we go on a small journey on how Louise Mallard
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Kate Chopin has several stories with similar plot twist such as her novel "The Awakening". "The Awakening" is about a woman who seems to be falling love with another man while married. Even though Louise is not falling in love with someone else, she is in love with the idea of her own freedom. When Edna, the main character in "The Awakening" finds that the man she had fallen in love with has left her, she commits suicide. Suicide in the story is left for the reader to interpret whether she killed because her one love has left her or for her own victory. Comparing these stories makes you think if the expressions/or actions of how Chopin was speaking of her marriage was a representation of what most women were going through at that time or for her own advantage within herself. Another example is how she actually died while some say it was due to the shock of seeing her husband again others think differently. Mark Cunningham believes that she died from just too much excitement or from being overjoyed about being free. Mark Cunningham says" I believe that Louise does not see him, and that the cause of her death lies elsewhere: in the jot, which turns out to be more "monstrous" that Louise seems initially to think possible, and resulting emotional strain brought about by her new understanding of her marriage and her supposed sudden freedom from that marriage." In my own words, he is pretty
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