Karl Marx: Applying The Classic Marxist Model Of Class To Society

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Karl Marx Page 1 Karl Marx Essay # 1 October 10th, 2014 Teacher: Janie L. Geddes By: Candace Hayle Karl Marx Page 2 Karl Marx was born on May 5th 1818 in Germany. In 1842 Marx had become editor-in-chief and moved from Bonn to Cologne, Journalism became a chief occupation for most of Marx life. After he had failed various revolutionary movements on the content, which then he was forced to move to London in 1849. (Atheism.about.com) He then stayed…show more content…
They would own their land, and run their business. They would be considered the capitalists. Then we have the proletariat are considered the lower class, which do not have economic or political power. They provide the labor for the lands and businesses owned by the bourgeoisie. (Elements on Sociology, page 16) People felt there were several problems with Marx perspective with applying the classic Marxist model of class to societies in the countries such as Canada, because employees of large corporations are termed “workers” even though their incomes put them on a par with some owners. Likewise there are farmers and small businesses operators who have incomes and levels of control, which are like those of workers, (Elements of Sociology, page 173) which would work into Karl Marx theory towards society. Marx felt there was only two ways to look at these classes you either owned them or you worked for them. With the Canadian context we would apply the Marx class paradigm by arguing that there are essentially three different in this country, which would be dominant capitalist class; composed mainly of those who own their own or control their own production, Middle class; mixed category who have small scaled businesses and some certifiable credentials, training or skills. Work class or proletariat; which is made of people who lack resources…show more content…
Karl Marx main argue was that the owners of industry are eager to improve the way work is organized, to adapt to new tools, machines and production methods. According to Marx the profit causes capitalists to concentrate workers in large establishments; keep wages low and invest as little as possible to improve the working conditions. Marx theory was more relevant than the other theorist; he was in depth with capitalism. Many had felt Marx theory was important, because they felt he had changed the course of history, which had made a huge impact on the society.

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