Justification For Slavery Essay

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Slavery was one of the tragedies that have shaped not only American history, but global history as well. So what exactly is slavery? Slavery was the legal trade of human beings to be sold for a profit. These people who were taken from their motherland and brought to the United States, Brazil, and a few of the Caribbean islands were forced to do work in households and outside in the fields. Slavery continued throughout the 1500’s to the 1800’s. Between these 300 years, somewhere in between 10 to 12 million slaves were transported across sea’s to become someone else’s property. Many people use the Bible as the justification of slavery, although, the act in itself can not really be justified.
Contrary to belief, slavery did not begin in the United States nor was it limited to black African natives. There were many other ethnicities involved in slavery, although, we do not hear much about them. Slavery has existed in almost every country, on every continent and in almost every culture. It could not possibly be restricted to just one category. It had begun in the 1500’s in Spain and Portugal and those two countries led the slavery craze in the New World.
Although slavery was a worldwide devastation, slavery in the New World was a bit more gruesome. The United States was shipped the least amount of African slaves, but the conditions in which they arrived were horrendous. Slaves were captured and kidnapped off the coast of Africa by British settlers. Some of the Africans were even sold or traded by other Africans. These hostages were traded for things such as: guns, textiles, and metal tools. Upon being captured, the British settlers chained the soon to be slaves around their necks, feet, hands and sometimes to each other. This preven...

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...cism in the South was crucial. Many blacks would still get killed and murdered just for being black.
In conclusion, slavery was one of, if not the most tragic things that were brought to the face of mankind. It was not moral, and many people used to Bible as justification. Slavery made history. It made us realize what human beings are capable of and the mistreatment that we can give to others who are not the same color, speak the same language, or are from the same places we are. Being a slave was a very rough experience. To those who made it out alive probably faced more racism being free than they did being someone else’s property. Slavery has proven to the world that justice has evolved immensely. It is now illegal to own another being and forcing them to work for someone else. It was not a fair life that they lived, and most of them did not make it out alive.
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