Josh Jackson And Josh Gibson's Success In The Negro Game

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After becoming a second lieutenant, Robinson became engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Her name was Rachel Isum. She had attended UCLA and had been following Robinson’s career at UCLA and Pasadena Junior College (11 Things, 2012). Robinson was then sent to Fort Hood, Texas. In 1944, he was on a unsegregated bus line commissioned by the Army and the bus driver ordered Robinson to move to the back of the bus. Robinson refused but once the bus reached the end of the line, the bus driver called in military police to take him into custody. Robinson confronted his duty officer about racist comments and questions made by the officer who took him into custody. The officer had requested him to be court-martialed but Robinson’s commander refused.…show more content…
The best in the Negro Leagues were Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige. Satchel Paige was a well-known ace of a pitcher. It is believed Satchel Paige holds the record for most strikeouts in the Negro Leagues and the single game records for strikeouts. Paige had many games where reporters documented 15+ strikeouts (Baseball Reference, 2010). The other top talent was Josh Gibson. The 6-foot 1-inch catcher is believed to be one of the greatest hitters of all time. Some fans that saw both Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson play called Ruth the white Gibson (Koppett, 1998). Josh Gibson never played in the Major Leagues. Since (like Paige’s statistics) nothing was ever documented, Gibson’s homerun totals were never counted. It is believed he over 1,000 career homeruns and even hit a few 600 foot homeruns out of Yankee Stadium (Baseball Reference, 2010). After a year in the Minor Leagues, Jackie was called up to the Major Leagues. Jackie was the MVP of the international league but it did not go without a lot of controversy. The team faced all sorts of racial abuse and so did Jackie but he held his own and hit .349 for the team. In 1947, he was called up (Koppett, 1998). This effectively broke the Major League color

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