Josey Wales and the Western

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In order to begin their journey to Mexico, Josey must first acquire a horse for Watie. He rides into a trading post. It is at this post where Josey encounters his first damsel, a young Navajo woman, who is raped by the two men who own the horses at the post. Josey approaches the men, and they recognize him as the wanted outlaw. The two men try to corner Josey. However, Josey is a legendary gunfight and he kills off the men with ease, saving the young Navajo. As a token of her gratitude, she joins Josey along his journey. As they continue toward Mexico, Josey and the gang ride through a small town in Texas. They encounter Union soilders and bounty hunters as they pass through. Since Josey is a wanted man, it is likely that everywhere he goes trouble will follow. Leaving a trail of more dead men behind, Josey and the gang continue on in search of freedom from those pursuing them. Shortly after their encounter in Texas, Josey and the gang come across a group of Comancheros who have taken in their captivity a family from Kansas. Here Josey not only saves a Grandmother and her husband, but also his second damsel. This scene features Josey riding in on his horse, out numbered by the Commancheors, yet he still manages to kill them all with the quick draw of his pistols. Although Josey saves the day yet again, this creates more trouble for Josey because the Commancheros he killed had intended to trade the captives to the Comache Chief, known as Ten Bears, in exchange for horses. There is also the conflict of Josey trespassing on the land of the Comanches. Once saved, the Kansas family tags along with Josey and his gang. They are in seek of refuge on a farm near Blood Butte, Texas. On their way to Blood Butte, Josey and his growing group... ... middle of paper ... ... up his belongings and sets out in preparation for the final showdown. Despite the efforts of the community to make the ranch feel like home, Josey struggles with this transition. It is too similar to the life he once had. Josey tries to adjust to this community, however, he is reminded of his family and his untimate pursit of vengeance agaist the men who killed his family. Josey recognizes that this ranch is a symbol of a new life, but in order to enjoy this he must first take of what is important to him. Josey is a wanted man and the longer he lingers around this community without killing off those men after him, he puts their life in danger. This is one of many honorable acts of Josey. He knows that he man not live on to see the further development of his new community, but he is still willing to fight for the sake of avenging his family and saving their lives.

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