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Part 1 Don't you see that it hurts when they all look at you with disgust? Can't you see that you can't just ignore this, it has to be brought up! I wish I was told when I was younger but now I can write this letter This culture could do so much better When a girl is asked what she wore instead of what's wrong with him. When a man can openly harass you and everyone blames the victim but not him When I get told " well at least he thought you were pretty" Because that's all I mean I mean its obvious this society isn't too keen on common sense but c'mon consent?? Don't you see something wrong when a woman can't wear as she please without worrying about a man on her sleeve You would think it'd be a breeze that no means no and there is no …show more content…

Sorry am I showing too much off? Stop telling me you're not all the same, its like telling me to take a handful of m&ms and claiming they're not all poisoned, you'll be okay. So shut up and listen to what I have to say, this can't go on, any other way. Someone is raped every 2 minutes today so why is it still so cliche to bring this up? I could speak all day But the message is, its just not okay Part 2 Slut, slut, slut Call us sluts Everyone else does These gendered slurs you see are the reason for our rape culture and misogyny Slut slut slut Its all I ever hear Shut up! self respect does not lie within my body you can hear mine as I speak, my self esteem has nothing to do with where I sleep. You can do as you please. How is it your business Its not hurting you Its got nothing to do with you, just me You say you're for equality You say you don't judge But all I hear is Slut slut slut Ugh I wish you'd understand your stupidity Now someone please explain to me What do I have to do to be a skank Most women say Too much make up Too many men in

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how a man can openly harass you and everyone blames the victim but not him.
  • Wishes they could engrave these thoughts in their mind, that this is such a violent crime.
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