Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer Research Essay Jon Krakauer uses nature and challenges that arise around his characters to further develop his books. His books are really a strong connection to his own personal life, he is an outdoorsman, he loves to go hiking and mountain climbing, just to be outside. Jon Krakauer’s life style and literary works are examples of the fact that the burden of the modern society and the issues we face every day can be lifted by leaving them behind and living where these problems don’t exist, nature.
Into the Wild literary analysis One of Jon Krakauer’s most famous books was called into the wild, about a man named Chris McCandless whom decided that he could no longer enjoy life with any connections to the modern world and was going to go live in the mountains on little to no supplies and almost no food. He chose this path because he was pushed …show more content…

”Jon Krakauer strives to educate and entertain his readers with a trio of styles used in his books, Into Thin Air, Into the Wild and Under the Banner of Heaven. Each story contains detailed passages to make the reader an expert and engage them in the story. Krakauer spends time in each of the books reflecting on what makes people undertake a mountain or a murder. By using suspense, Krakauer pulls the reader into the story and makes it exciting.”(Morse 1). The way that he wrote the books makes the reader engaged during even the most boring scenes. He made the text so interesting by using excruciating detail. ”Excruciating detail is what sets Krakauer apart. There is no doubt that extensive research was conducted for each of his books. His memory and notes are crisp and brilliant. He makes the reader feel as if they are climbing the mountain along with him. He educates the reader on every possible aspect of the story.”(Morse

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