John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

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Overflowing with vivid tropes and other satisfying discourse, John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address plays to an irrefutably pleasant melody. Strong, motivational verbs are coupled with pretty and sophisticated adjectives in a manner that would make the most inane speech capable of swaying an entire population. And sway Kennedy did, for his garnering of the pulitzer prize (he is the only president to have done so) certainly had basis in a man of sound judgment that was wise beyond his years. The auditory gratification that would come with hearing Kennedy’s speech is substantiated by a true, moral message that would both excite and unite all Americans.

An awe-inspiring instrument of rhetoric when used properly, anaphora is frequently and seamlessly incorporated into Kennedy’s speech, leaving little to be desired. When one hears a certain word or phrase repeated at the beginning of successive clauses, it has a captivating effect. For whatever reason, people enjoy repetition, especially when used successfully in speeches. About midway through, Kennedy capitalizes on this, with the notion...
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