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Today is the day! The vacation that has been plastered on the calendar, programmed to remind you every day on your phone, and put on a countdown app is now finally here. After a week of preparation, you are all ready to head to the airport. Upon arriving into the airport, you notice the ticket counter is eerily empty. It is your turn to check in and the customer service agent asks where you are going to which you respond Ft. Lauderdale. The agent informs you that the flight to Ft. Lauderdale have been canceled from your airport; and the next available direct flight is not until the middle of next week. That definitely does not work for you so you ask is there another way to get there, maybe thru a connection? The only way to get there today is by flying all the way up to Boston which is two hours in the wrong direction just to fly past where you started to get to your destination. So, this now 4-hour trip has turned into an all-day affair. Not wanting to waste any more time you take the Boston option vowing never to fly JetBlue again. …show more content…

JetBlue has a great product but losses customers due to these two issues. JetBlue has a total of six Focus cities, better known as Hubs. These hubs are located in Boston, Long Beach, New York City, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and San Juan. Each of the above-named cities are all subject to be hit by inclement weather during all seasons creating a negative impact on the company as a whole. Due to this, customers, employees and ultimately the company are the ones directly affected. In order to make JetBlue a more attractive company for consumers they need to diversify their focus cities, acquire underserviced areas, and partner with another

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