Jesus Christ: Scripture’s Most Controversial Bachelor

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After the media onslaught surrounding Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, questions of Jesus’ celibacy inundated both scholarly and religious circles. However, despite these hypotheses, nowhere in the Bible does it explicitly give evidence of Jesus’ married state. Even the Gnostic Gospels, written years after the life of Christ, fail to explicitly mention or present flimsy evidence to substantiate the case for Jesus’ marriage. Although Jesus lived in the middle of a inflexible Jewish society, where marriage was an essential requirement for a man, through his own actions of counterculture, Jesus proves that he is both willing and able to break social norms. Whether dining with tax collectors, teaching revolutionary parables, or even allowing women to become part of his ministry, Christ transforms sociopolitical structure. Although various sources claim that he was indeed wed, whether hinted at through the wedding at Cana miracle or the five major requirements a Jewish father fulfilled for his son, Jesus remained unmarried—a claim supported by historical celibate communities, his own revolutionary actions and teachings, and overall lack of explicit scriptural evidence.

During Christ’s lifetime, Jewish culture seemingly left no wiggle room to avoid marriage, an important rite of passage to adulthood. However, on the fringes of society, near Nazareth, thrived a historically celibate community, the Essenes, centered around a town called Qumran. One of three main religious sects, through their teachings they worked to bring about peace among humankind, eagerly awaiting God’s intervention on earth. By fostering communal relationships, they sought to create heaven on earth, help the poor, and live an overall righteous lifestyle. The similarit...

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... Jesus’ brother.

Overall, no evidence of Christ’s marriage exists. When coupling this fact with his overall treatment of female disciples, his radical and revolutionary teachings, and the historical context of the Essenes, Christ’s bachelorhood seems explicit and unavoidable.

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