Jay Gatsby Selfish

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Is Gatsby Great? Greatness is not only set by ones aspiration, but by actions that one may portray. Jay Gatsby in the novel The Great Gatsby, is an excellent example of a character who's actions and personal goals in life unite. While many people try to do what is the right thing, but sometimes their plans do not work out, Gatsby's actions work exactly how he wants them to.To some readers, Gatsby seems like a very nice man who puts others before himself and cares for his loved ones. However, Gatsby only does things to make himself a happy man and gain the stuff he "worked" for. He thinks that by doing all these works, he will end up in the end of his life a very happy man; ironically, he ends up dying heart broken, and a very unhappy man. Jay Gatsby devious actions make him a not so great man. Gatsby is a very selfish and foolish man. Jay Gatsby has a love for impressing people for personal attention; he's a very selfish man. Gatsby was known for his extravagant parties, money, and his ginormous house. …show more content…

Nobody from nowhere make love to your wife." (Fitzgerald 130). Even thought it was never actually said, the way Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby were all acting, you can definitely suspect that they are having an affair. Gatsby does not approve of Tom and Myrtle Wilson's affair, because he's married and doesn't want Daisy being hurt by it. However, he makes his feelings for Daisy, Tom Buchanan's wife, very obvious. He never seems to think he is doing the wrong thing by seeking her love and affection for her. Jay Gatsby looks down upon Tom for his affair with Myrtle. Technically, Gatsby is doing the same thing with Daisy, and sees no wrong in it. He tries to pursue Daisy with all he has. Gatsby does not care that Daisy has a husband, but only wants her to himself. As the novel carries on, one can start to notice that Gatsby does not necessarily love Daisy, but is simply obsessed with the idea of her wanting

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