J.B.Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls

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An inspector calls' - what is the main message and is it still

relevant today?

We get the impression that she is a when Priestly adds, ‘very pleased

with life’. She is ignorant to the world of the working class, and is

constantly surrounded by her riches without even considering the lives

of other people. During the engagement party, Gerald gives Sheila an

engagement ring. This is to represent their relationship and love. Her

words on receiving the gift are ‘Oh –Gerald-you’ve got it’. The pause

in her sentence indicates the excitement in her voice. She then

becomes very involved with the present- like a child receiving a

birthday gift. Mr. Birling is about to make his speech about the war

and the Titanic, however, he pauses when he realizes that Sheila may

not be listening, as she is only concentrating on her ring. This is

what a child may do when receiving a toy. This as with both her

‘mummy’ and her father gives us the impression that these people are

annoying and makes us dislike them.


After the inspector leaves the house, they are shocked, but then think

about the idea whether the inspector really is the guy he pretends to

be and they come to the conclusion that he is not an inspector after

all. They find this out by contacting the police who then unfold the

truth about him. The play finishes when the police calls saying a

young lady died and an inspector is on his way to the Birling house.

I think the whole play is very important and a good example of

collective responsibility. You understand the problem which follows

the behaviour of those people. The content shows the bad treatment of

a “normal “family towards a person, who lives on a lower social

standard, without realizing that they destroy this person’s life. This

is as significant for the society of that time as it is for the

society in our own time. This will never change. The play wants to

show that poor people did not have a chance to change their lives to

improve it. This is only possible in our world and in our time.

My main reason for thinking that Mrs. Birling is responsible is

because she was not only the last step before Eva/Daisy ended her life

but because in my eyes she was the most powerful one. Eva/Daisy was at

a time where she was most emotional and she must have been feeling

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