It's Time to Put An End To Bullying

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How can a child feel safe if every day they go to school, they are tormented by others to the point where they feel helpless? Bullying exists as a constant threat to the safety and security of children and even adults that needs to be addressed and stopped. Some states have implemented anti-bullying laws, such as New Jersey, in hopes to stop the dangers and consequences that come from bullying. While most see the positives of these laws, some choose to focus on the problems the law will bring and believe the laws will not actually help the bullying issue. Bob Ingle of the Daily Record argues that these laws hurt the issue more than help it in his article "In War on Bullying, We've Gone Overboard." However, his points do not possess full validity. Bullying exists as an extremely serious issue that should not be taken lightly or ignored on any scale.

Bullying has proven to cause physical and emotional harm to children and young adults, which results in a need for action against it. Ingle states in his article that the new anti-bullying law in New Jersey "was propelled by the death of...Tyler Clementi." Tyler Clementi was an 18 year old Rutgers student who killed himself after being cyber-bullied and humiliated, as Ingle states in the article. New forms of bullying have come about as years pass such as the most recent cyber-bullying, as seen in this case. This form of bullying brings the person's problems back home with them so that they can never escape ridicule. Under this constant pressure, the people being bullied feel trapped and see no escape from the bully. Once a tragedy like this occurs, action must be taken to ensure another incidence like this will not happen. Ingle supports action...

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