Isolation In 'Miss Brill And Chrysanthemums'

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In “Miss Brill” and “Chrysanthemums” both authors use a stream of consciousness to exhibit isolationism between the two main characters, Miss Brill and Elisa. Author Katherine Mansfield displays isolationism throughout “Miss Brill” by separating the main character from society. John Steinbeck expresses isolationism in “Chrysanthemums” by isolating his main character from society using setting and the time period. In “Miss Brill” Mansfield makes the main character Miss Brill isolated from society by using her age, creating a social barrier between society (which is mostly youth) and Miss Brill. The time period in which Steinbeck’s story takes place was most likely in either the 1920s or early 1930s. The story’s setting takes place in the Salinas valley on a farm. Elisa, the main character seems to mainly be isolated from society, because she is on a farm by herself while her husband goes out to sell meat.…show more content…
In Miss Brill’s eyes she believes that nothing is wrong and that she is actively engaging and a part of society, when in reality she is not. The society that is represented throughout the story is resembled as young and attractive, which also separates Miss Brill because she is supposedly opposite. One moment in the story, a young couple was in ear shot of Miss Brill and they had spoken of how old and ugly she was. These judgments not only hurt Miss Brill’s feelings, but placed her back into reality where she is not as young as she once was, which separates her from society by age
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