Is the Death Penalty Ethical?

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"More than 4,500 people have been executed in the United States since 1930. There is no way of knowing how many have been executed in U.S. history because executions were often local affairs, with no central agency keeping track of them (Maloney, 1999)." Over 4,500 people were executed and this doesn't even include the unreported deaths. Decades ago, death penalty cases were not even to be reported in many times. For many years, people have been rationalize themselves for death penalty as " an eye for an eye"(2010).This "eye for an eye" statement is no longer giving any excuses for killing humans. The controversial idea of whether humans are rational enough to decide someone's life or death has been questioned. Humans absolutely don't have any right to judge someone else's life. So protect the last right that is left for human, death penalty should never be allowed in any forms of punishment all over the world.

Although many claim that the death penalty is reasonable punishment for murderer saying "an eye for an eye", and arguing " the punishment must fit the crime", this simply is an act of talking away the last right of humans. The statement itself is a contradiction. If "an eye for an eye" was equally applied to every crime, it could be seen as reasonable. But people who stole something go to jail for a little while for what they do. Instead of we stealing something back from theirs and let them go, we put them in a jail and let them do their parts. “An eye for an eye" should be questioned for it is not applied to every situation equally. Also, whether the punishment fits the crime is not something we [humans] can decide. To support this point, even in this one country in United States, we have differen...

... middle of paper ... makes people no better than those murderers. The practice of death penalty makes society murderer which also makes us murderers.

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