Is Social Work More Important Than Hard Work?

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Any athlete from high school to the professional ranks has most likely heard the phrase, “Hard work beats talent.” To them, this statement provides incentive to work hard, for even if their opponent is more talented than them, they can still be victorious through hard work. To some, hard work is the most important aspect of life. However, others may argue that one’s career or social status is much more important than hard work. In Bernard Malamud’s short story, The First Seven Years, the shop owner views social status as much more important than hard work. However, among the three, hard work, career, and social status, hard work is most certainly the most important. Hard work is more important than either one’s career or their social status for several reasons. One of the most vital reasons as to why hard work should be ranked above someone 's career or social status is due to the fact that with hard work, both can be depleted or taken away. A career is a job that most people have to work tirelessly to achieve. Without hard work, a true career can never be achieved. Due to this, hard work is clearly more…show more content…
Many of the reasons behind this have already been discussed throughout this essay by stating the reasons as to why hard work and career are both more important. One of which is because social status can lead to negative affects in an individual. It is often shown through texts such as television films how a high ranking social status can ruin one’s morals. Films such as James Cameron’s, Titanic, show how people with higher social statuses can often lack the ability to show any respect at all to those whose social status is lower than their own. Due to this, a social status does not hold any information as to what kind of person someone truly is. Based on this, social status should not be viewed as more important than either hard work or a

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