Is Iago Responsible For The Death In Othello

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Who is the man behind all the deaths in Othello? In this play by William Shakespeare, Iago is an evil villain. He is said to be a good friend to Othello, but he is really out to get him because of a rumor he heard. He makes it his duty to bring down Othello and will do whatever it takes. He is so determined that he steals money from his friend to keep his plan going. This is all possible because of his reputation as honest, which also makes him responsible for the deaths of all that die throughout the play. Iago is the man to blame and is to be held accountable for all the deaths in Othello demonstrated through the theme of deception creates conflict.
Iago is to be blamed for the deaths of all those that died because he manipulates other to do as he pleases. He is so good at manipulating others that he gets Barbantio to hate the Moor so much for marring Desdemona that he dies because “thy match was to mortal to him” (V,ii,206). This shows Iago as the guilty one for this death because Iago deceives Barbantio to the point that he looks at Othello as a good for nothing black person even though at the beginning of the play it is said he likes Othello. Iago tells him with racism that a black person is with his white daughter, so Barbantio gets mad. When he finds out its Othello his heart fills with disappointment to point that he dies because of it. Rodrigo is another to fall at the manipulation of Iago because before he realizes it he is dead knowing that the, “dammed Iago [has been an] inhuman dog” (V,I,63). Iago is guilty for this death because he tricked his “best friend” to try to kill Cassio with no real cause. The idiot of the Rodrigo knows he has no real cause but Iago was so persuasive (in our eyes manipulative) that he has t...

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...). Iago has been stealing money from Rodrigo which he was supposed to be giving to Desdemona. He hasn’t been doing this and Rodrigo may reclaim them if he doesn’t die, so he decides he has to do kill him. He is smart so he makes the others look away and makes Rodrigo think he’s going to get helped but instead the idea that deception creates conflict plays in and he stabs Rodrigo to the death.
In the play Othello by William Shakespeare Iago is the one to be blamed for the deaths of everyone in the play. He killed everyone even if he didn’t kill them himself. Iago manipulated the people, used them to his advantaged and used his brains to get rid of his threats. He also ended up using his reputation as an advantage to trick his enemy so bad they killed themselves. Iago did this all thanks to his traits that made him the villain, responsible for the tragedy of Othello.
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