Ira Isaacs: Violating Federal Obscenity

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In 2013 Ira Isaacs was officially imprisoned for violating federal obscenity statutes in the state of California. He produced and distributed four of his fetish films via U.S mail. Three sub areas collectively create the core components in the analysis of this case: obscenity, fetishes and related cases with similar circumstances and outcomes.
Obscene speech is the only type of speech that does not need a compelling government interest and is not protected by the First Amendment. This type of speech is not allowed in the courts because it protects “a social interest in order and morality” (2012, Zachary). After a court case in 1973 Miller v. California, there were three different standards that were outlined to define obscenity. The case
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One of the films included a 2 hour video of a female engaging in sexual activities involving human bodily waste and another featured a film in which a female performed in sexual acts with animals. The films were believed to have crossed the line into obscenity.
One of the major facets of the USA vs. Ira Isaacs case includes the topic of sexual fetishes. Sexual fetishism is sexual arousal centered on something non-living or not a part of human genitalia. Sexual fetishes can include feet, rubber/latex, fur, hair, shoes, even balloons and muscle worship and the more bizarre diaper and bodily functions.
Initially, the term fetish meant an object that had supernatural powers or an object made by man that held powers over others --such as voodoo dolls, Crucifixes, talismans, amulets, and statues of gods and goddesses. It is said that a French psychologist by the name of Alfred Binet introduced the concept of the sexual fetish in 1887. At that time it was seen as being mentally disturbed and should be treated. In 1912 Richard Von Krafft-Ebing extended the definition to also include body
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Bestiality is the act of having sex with an animal, while scatophilia is the act of having sex involving human defecation. The history of bestiality goes as far back as prehistory and it has been written about by ancient authors involving Greek mythology. It is said that humans were engaged in sexual activity with goats and sows as representations of their Egyptian gods and goddesses. Sexual activity with animals has long been illegal in many societies. According to Jewish and Christian doctrine, bestiality is punishable by death. In the modern era, bestiality is mostly illegal is punished under animal cruelty laws, since non-humans cannot give consent. The rise of the zoophile community is working to have these laws
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