Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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Chris McCandles is unique, inspiring, and a cautionary tale all at once. His journey is one that is as unbeliavable as it saddening and there’s a lot to be learned from people like McCandles, people who are the groundbreakers and visionarys of our time. Chris didn’t become the person he was without inspiration and some of the people who inspired Chris to be the person he was through their like-tales and similar struggles are some of the best athours and philosiphers to have lived. Among them I have chosen Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and Jack London; these people share similarities with McCandles through their struggles, beliefs, jobs, decisions, and up-bringings. They are ultimately the puzzle pieces that make up Chris McCandles, and they are the friends that travelled with him on his journey into the wild. I’ve decided to start my comparissons with a person McCandless worshipped, Jack London. The largest similarities among London and Chris seem to be in their passion, intelligence and individualism, though, that is few among the many like attributes they share. “When the tramps organized a march across America to demand jobs in 1894, London hit the road with them-only to be arrested at Niagara Falls for ‘vagrancy’” (Jack). We see a little bit of the free spirited McCandless in London here, as well as their similar indifference to the law. The fact that Jack London was a tramp also really brings the image of him being a great influence in Chris’ life into full view. The picketing and impassioned speeches they both gave on subject s which they were concerned about shows their zeal for justice. “He enrolled in another academy-only to be thrown out for completing the entire two-year curriculum in four months, embarrassingly out... ... middle of paper ... ...him. He cared deep for people but never saw goodbye as a thing to be mourned over and lived day by day not really doing much thinking when it came to planning, this would eventually lead to his downfall. When considering all Chris could have done with his knowledge and attributes of the above visionarys, his death becomes a tragedy unlike any other. Through his struggles, raising, beliefs, and life choices, Chris has shown that with his individual brilliance, mixed with what he had learned from these three great authors, he could have done amazing things. He took pieces from the authors above and made himself into a person that could lead and inspire others, and his story became solace for all the people who had dreams they were too scared to follow. His story will be remembered along with those of the authors he loved and carried with him in his trip into the wild.

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