Internet Technology: The Identity Of The Media And Culture

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There are many things which are influenced by the media while culture is also one of those things. In this contemporary culture, internet technologies have affected people in different ways such as food, music and body image. Using the conception of “the network society”, contemporary culture is influenced by internet technologies which create the following themes in three identities that are legitimizing, resistance and project for the culture.

In the conception of “the network society”, Castells (2004) discusses the identity of the network society. Identity is people’s source of meaning and experience. It must be distinguished from what, traditionally and sociologists have called roles and role sets. Also, he pointed out that “identities
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For instance, people are using internet technology to hold an annual demonstration on 1st July in Hong Kong. According to Reese (2010), “the media agenda-setting approach implicitly adopts the pluralistic values of democratic theory, bringing public opinion to center stage.” Since the media give a platform for people to share their opinion while all people can share their views even though they are from different levels. It can narrow the relationship between those people who from different levels. Hence, the contemporary culture has influenced through using internet…show more content…
In the contemporary culture, people have freedom to talk on the online. Hence, they are not only can watch films and listen to music, but also can comment on the video which they have watched. For example, people can use ‘fan forums’ to discuss everything. According to Williams (2009 p.38), “the proliferation of ‘fan forums’ where people discuss and argue over television, music and film provide spaces where meaning making becomes a collaborative enterprise among audience members.” Accordingly, people are always talking on fan forums because they want to share their opinion on the program or film. In the meantime, it can let the producer know what audiences think about the program in order to improve their program and make the better program for the audience. Therefore, the role of the audience has changed because of the contemporary culture has influenced by internet
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