Internet Sharing

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The internet sharing in the data network was done in unplanned manner where two internet connections where assigned to individual users, that is one connection per user, and the other two connections where supplying the rest of the data network, each connection assigned to a specific location that is the sales department have one connection and the drawing section has one connection, Microsoft internet sharing connection facility that is freely available in Windows client operating systems is used to share internet connection to the other devices, in each section, by default this type of connection will assign the gateway with a IP address and by enabling the clients to get the IP addresses dynamical, they will all be assigned with an IP address from this subnet, since the same setup is used at the other section, an IP conflict occurs when the uplink cable is connected permanently. Therefore the link is being used as a back up, with the cable only plugged in when the link on the other side has failed.

All the connections are either using shielded twisted Pair or unshielded Cat5e cable which a maximum speed of 100Mbps. Though in practise this speed may be lower due to effect by external factors affecting the line, like electromagnetic current that can be relayed by the heavy machinery in the workshop area, hence this can be one reason the network seem to be slow. HARDWARE DEVICES

• ADSL routers : There are four Belkin ADSL modems with built in routers, the routing capabilities are simple designed for home based usage, offering minimum security features and network address translation, dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) services.

• Switches: All the switches are entry level unmanaged switches. These sw...

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...d switches, which are lacking the capabilities to support management protocols or port mirroring, an alternative method was used, to capture the traffic and utilisation data of the network. A hub was used at the main office closed to the switch connecting to the internet machine.

The internet sharing was disabled at one side, the back up uplink cable was plugged and all traffic to and from the external network and servers was forced to pass through the hub, figure 4.2 shows the utilisation of the network, though the figure only shows a small portion, but the trend of the utilisation indicates that the network is not fully utilised and bottlenecks that cause slowness may be caused by other factors such the internet speed or interferences on the cable signal.

The interference on the line could not be measured as the device for measuring the line was not available.
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