Insanity In The Tell Tale Heart

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The story “The Tell Tale Heart” written by Edgar Allan Poe is about one man that aims to convince the reader of his sanity while simultaneously describing a murder he committed. In the story the author entertains the audience of readers that enjoy the genre of horror. Horror is a genre of fiction which is intended to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers by inducing feelings of terror. The main character of a horror story is very important and Poe creates an interesting one with a personality that constantly challenges the reader. In “The Tell Tale Heart”, the main character is the narrator and he, we would presume, is also unnamed. He had recently murdered his boss and is telling his view of the events. His main goal is to try to convince the reader of his sanity. His tone is excited, because he is mentally unstable. Through the story he continues to ask if we think he is mad and reminds us he is not. At the very beginning of the story he insists he is not. The first line of the story is, “True! - Nervous - Very very dreadful I had been and am; but why will you say I am mad?” (Poe 81) He is intensely nervous and already questions his readers. Poe then writes “The disease had sharpened my senses- not destroyed- not dulled.” (Poe 81) An insane person …show more content…

The narrator plans everything well and is extremely careful going along with the argument of his sanity. Poe writes “And every night, about midnight, I turned the latch of his door and opened it-oh so gently!”(Poe 81) He peaked into the old man’s room carefully for seven straight nights with his lantern and on the eighth night he was even more careful. He says “Never before that night I felt the extent of my own powers - of my sagacity. I could scarcely contain my feelings of triumph.” (Poe 82) Showing his arrogance. But he accidentally woke up the old man. And Poe writes “ I kept quite still and said nothing. For a whole hour I did not move a muscle.” (Poe

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