Influence On Music And Literature

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Music has greatly influenced my attitude towards writing and literature. At a young age, I was swayed to put ethos onto paper only through sounds that awakened my feelings towards personal situations. While teachers taught me the physical structures of literature, music caused my writing to transform into art. Even though I am no expert in literature like Plato and Aristotle, I am an excellent intern when it comes to literature in music.
As a kid in school, I was never really a good writer or reader. My fourth grade English teacher would criticize my grammatical errors and the way I pronounced certain words. I understood the structure of how to make a complete sentence, but coming up with words to make the sentence was difficult. I eventually gave up on my teacher because she never really helped me with my problem, all she did was critique it. Even though the English department failed to teach me how to put a sentence together, I felt the need to find my own path in learning to read and write. I found that path in music.
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I would recite the words over and over because I was fascinated by his ability to make even the most simplistic words rhyme. He would give a whole new meaning to these simple words just by changing the inflection of his voice. I admired Tupac for creating masterpieces out of his own experiences, whether it was good or bad. I envied the way he was able to capture a persons’ attention instantly. I hated Tupac because I wanted to be him. I was jealous of the way he wrote his music. I wanted to evoke a type of emotion within people through words that I wrote and recited, just as he

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