Influence Of Older Generation

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Consumer choices are greatly influenced by a number of factors and vastly differ based on age group. Specifically, older adults are likely to buy different products than those of a younger generation. Aspects that impact consumer choices of the older generation consist of income, as well as health, accessibility, knowledge, and social influence (Dean et al., 2009). Effectively, income will immensely affect the selections that an older individual will choose when shopping or preparing a meal. With a lower salary, it is challenging to be able to supply nutritious food for a household, whereas when money is less of an issue, it is easier to be able to provide nutritious food and beverages. Older adults tend to be on the age of retirement, so…show more content…
Often times, older adults will shop as a social activity. Therefore, where they go will be based on where their peers shop, as well. Older adults are often times retired, or are soon to be retired. Therefore, they have a lot of free time on their hands. Social activities will most likely be based around eating or drinking, which can make it difficult to eat nutritiously. Being at a restaurant may make it challenging to eat and drink healthy, as there are not always options on the menu. Additionally, dinner parties are a common social activity for this age group. This may lead to over eating, as well as preparing food that will please the guest and not necessarily be based around health. A study conducted by Seoul National University states that based on the obtained results, it can be observed that frail older adults with close relationships to people in their lives were less likely to follow their own food and drink preferences, concerning food health values. On the contrary, those with not as involved relationships were able to follow a dietary plan to his or her liking (O. Kim, 2015). It is likely that this could be stemmed from the individual’s desire to please others with food before his or her self. As stated by the Centre for Diet and Activity Research, older adults who are single or widowed had a decreased amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet compared to those who were married or in a relationship (, 2013). All in all, social settings and relationships vastly impact what one will choose to eat and drink, based on location and peers
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